Suzy M.

She is a forensic therapist she understands the body and figures out the root cause of your pain. She’s awesome!___________EVONNE E. Kelly is just the best she knows so much about muscle, ligaments and how the body works. She is a great trainer and great massage therapist.

Orly L.

Since I started going to Kelly for massage, about ten months ago – I stopped seeking any other kind of physical therapy/massage (except for my chiropractor…). My monthly meetings with her are something that I am looking forward to and the experience is always great.  Kelly is sweet, energetic, and mostly the best masseuse ever.

Chiara C.

I started going to Kelly when she started massage school. She is a terrific massage therapist with wealth of knowledge about the human body. She is sweet, always on time and very knowledgeable. Her office is clean, bright and cheery. Even better she is my trainer also so the two go hand in hand. Kelly

Jeanell B.

Professionalism, expertise and serious knowledge meets relaxation. Kelly is a master of her profession, you won’t be disappointed.___________MARI K. If you’ve ever heard of the term healing hands, look no further, because you will find them here. Kelly is part-masseuse, part-therapist, part-life coach, and part-medicine (wo)man. Her strong hands and soothing spirit always deliver.